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A community for those who love the show Whose Line is it Anyway. This is a place for SHARING!

WELCOME!! Thank you for taking the time to check us out! You're obviously here because of your love for all things WHOSE LINE and WHOSE LINE related!!! We're GLAD you are here! Please enjoy everything we have to offer. WE are a caring and sharing community filled with acceptance and tolerance for a wide variety of interests. WE cater to most Whose Line needs. Including, but not limited to: video making/art design/manips/icon making/fan fiction (slash/het/mary sue/AU)/slash discussion/challenges/reports/THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

*We have some adult-themed posts that require us to put a "friend-lock" or "member's only lock" on the posts. Please do not let that deter you from enjoying what we have to offer here. ALSO this may encourage you further in putting your membership with us! Please select "JOIN THIS COMMUNITY" if you like what you see. We'd be glad to have you!

We have links created for: Plotbunnies and Need a Beta as well as the archive library and Youtube channels of the mod's. Please feel free to take advantage of any of the services provided for you! Also, we have a Saturday Shout Out! Each and every Saturday a new post will be created just for YOU to let us know about YOU!! Sunday is NEWS day at WLiiA Love. Every other Sunday we will keep you posted on the latest happenings in and outside of the comm. Feel free to participate in any and all things offered there!

Here is what we like:

1. SHARING - A productive community is a thriving community. Bring your talent to the table! WE appreciate, respect and admire your gifts. THANK YOU FOR SHARING! (Please make your requests clear in your posts. If you require someone to credit your icon or artwork, etc. Please make that fact known clearly in the post. Also, remember to treat others with respect in regards to this.)

2. Serious discussions/debate/commentary/latest news/old news of Whose Line and Whose Line related topics.

3. FUN, Friendships, Fan-girl (or guy) expression of admiration/love/respect.

Here is what you can keep at the door:

1. A bad attitude. That is best left on your LJ. Please do not disrespect the members of this community.

2. Limitation. We want EVERYTHING RELATING to Whose Line is it Anyway. We will not be limited to just certain topics of discussion or creativity.

3. We would prefer you not to "intentionally" or "unintentionally" spam-post the comm. As we are a fastly growing community, we would like to stick to the following topics listed and stated above. If you have other suggestions or new ideas to bring to the table, or special requests, please share your interests and or concerns with a mod BEFORE posting the request in the comm. We can answer your questions via email, or simply by clicking our name and leaving us an LJ mail. Let US hear from YOU first!!!

4. If you are offended by something you see here, please respond in the appropriate manner. It is not our intention to offend. There are topics that will be discussed or shared of a sexual nature. If you are offended by sexual situations (het or slash) then this may not be the community that best suits your needs.



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Sooz - kyndredspyryt - WLiiA Love's YouTube Channel Hostess/Audio Book Administrator
Zuz - zuzivlas - Mistress of Live Broadcasts
Green - greenforgreen - Ratings Babe
Alana- mrsalanadavis - Cap-Extraordinare!
Asta - astrael - Keeper of the WLiiA Love Glossary Guild
diabolicalfiend - chuckney and sweetsoffy The awesome Birthday greetings team

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